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Spice It Up Pack
Onion, Garlic & Gluten Free


Spice up any meal with these three mouth-watering Monash Certified Low FODMAP spices!

Whether you're grilling up a steak, seasoning some fresh seafood, barbecuing chicken and ribs, or serving up tacos for taco night, we've got you covered with a variety of delicious Low FODMAP spices. Spice it up - the Low FODMAP way!

One serving of this product has been tested and certified Low FODMAP by Monash University.


Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Now We’re Cookin

It took me a while to order Fody spices because I usually add a lot of individual spices when I’m cooking. Now I regret taking so long because they really are worth it. I’ve already used all three, and we can taste the difference. Each one really brings an extra punch of flavor in very different ways. I’ll definitely keep our pantry stocked with them. Slight warning, the steak seasoning is a little hot (lots of black pepper), but we like it. I would recommend all three, even to non-low fodmappers.

Thank you Chandra! Glad you enjoy our Spices. Have you tried any of our other gut friendly products?
Sooo good!

I recently purchased a bunch of Fody Foods to try and ease into a low fodmap diet easier.
So far I have tried and love their Montreal steak spice, taco seasoning, sesame ginger sauce, bbq sauce and mild salsa. They all have the great taste you're used to, without the onion, garlic and gluten! I've also tried the garden herb salad dressing and it's just ok. Not my favourite.
Besides that one item, I can't wait to try more!!

Taco seasoning

This was amazing! I’m new to finding out i have chrones and i absolutely can’t have onion and garlic. To find a seasoning that myself and husband can enjoy is a huge win. I can’t wait to try the pasta sauces.

Good Seasonings

The seasonings are good and seem to be safe for the IBS

First Time Buyer

I was recommended Fody Foods from my dietitian last month, after being told I probably have IBS. I did my research and was surprised at how great everything looked on the website. It's tricky finding seasoning in the supermarkets because so much of it has either gluten, wheat, onions and/or garlic as their base but Fody Foods gives you hope that you won't live life on just lettuce and unseasoned meat. I placed my order on a Thursday afternoon and about 2 hours later, I received a text stating it was shipped out and will be delivered Saturday. It's been a week since I received my goodies and 10/10 highly recommend!