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Fody’s IBS-friendly Ketchup combines juicy, ripe, California-grown tomatoes with the perfect blend of all-natural herbs and spices for a rich, tasty, gut-happy Ketchup. So go ahead and dip, dunk and pour to your heart’s delight.

Low FODMAP, no onion, no garlic.


Purée de tomates (eau, pâte de tomates), sucre de canne biologique, vinaigre distillé, sel, poivre noir, poudre de clou de girofle, poudre de chili, poudre de piment de la Jamaïque, poudre de cannelle.

Valeur nutritive

Commentaires des clients

Based on 168 reviews
Anthony J. (Sioux Falls, US)
Delicious with piece of mind

Love that I can eat this and no worry about it effecting my gut. I actually like it better than regular ketchup.

V.L.B. (Meridian, US)
Changed Ingredients

I was sorry to see that ketchup ingredients are changed. Such a shame that the 3 bottles I purchased will eventually go in the trash. Can’t tolerate the new recipe.

Sara T. (New Port Richey, US)

Really good!

K.M. (Cleveland, US)
original recipe ketchup was better for me

I was excited to see that I could buy Fody ketchup at other stores now, but when I looked at the ingredients (the new bottle design made me want to check) I was reluctant to try it. I thought I can't know for sure unless I try it. I was not only disappointed in the taste but it also set off an allergic reaction for me. I wish the original recipe was still available for purchase. Now I have a bottle of the new improved flavor that will just sit in the back of the fridge until I finally throw it away.

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